The Partners Program:


Unprecedented network of handpicked professionals, with many contacts and deals, willing to take advantage of their networks to carry out M&A transactions through IVPAR and generate additional income without the need to create their own M&A structures and System.


Professionals of the finance field with a wide portfolio of clients willing to invest or sell their company, or need to raise money;

Professionals in relation with the M&A industry with access to deals that small M&A boutiques can not cover due to a lack of resources or designated system.

Current managers or entrepreneurs who want to have additional activities and exposure and take advantage of their otherwise “sleeping” network for the M&A activity.


Our Partners are able to manage their activity and contacts by accessing to the tailor-made IVPAR system™, according to their needs and digitalizing and monetarizing their network.

Possibility of receiving a significant percentage of the revenues received by IVPAR for a client brought by a Partner or by just having the counterpart of a transaction in its network.

Thanks to the tool, our partners value their portfolio and IVPAR also value the network of its Partners within the Partner Program in due course using a calculation method defined and agreed in advance.

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