Investment Partners "IVPAR", is a financial advisory boutique with an office in Shanghai and a presence in Hong Kong. IVPAR will export its Asian digital advanced exposure and plans to open an European office based in Paris by the end of 2020.

With a combined experience in investment and financial services as well as the establishment of a structured and organized global network based on a tailor-made software dedicated to M&A, IVPAR is leading small and mid-cap domestic & cross-border transactions between Asia and Europe.

We support our clients in the definition and implementation of their strategic operations. Our scope of expertise includes financial advisory on Mergers & Acquisitions, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Fundraising, Partnership, and Join-Venture. Investment Partners Ltd. is client-driven and long term oriented. We are working with corporations, investors, CEOs, Family offices and governments, mostly in France, Switzerland and Greater China.

The founders came up with a way to extend the reach of multi-sector entrepreneurs and financial institutions through the digitization of an extensive global network of Partners & Ambassadors. Our intuitive IVPAR System ™ is powered with thousands of qualified business contacts with constant and unique deal flow. Our platform centralizes and manages a digital HUB containing investment opportunities and investors with features such as; Automatic Deal Origination, Workflow Monitoring and Contact Management.

​The natural geographical extension of IVPAR through the origination and creation of a network of important Partners by country will naturally lead IVPAR to also become a major player in M&A locally, in each of the countries where the network will have reached a significant size.  


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To have Access to UNIQUE deal opportunities and selected investors. To receive all the support to bring these to completion.​

Use Investment Partners global network to find the right investment opportunities. Thanks to our dedicated IVPAR System™ platform, we will screen your request in our database and deliver you with different sources of funding or selected targets. 

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To have Access to an UNIQUE Tailor-made enabling tool: the IVPAR system™

IVPAR is the first player to open its proprietary system “IVPAR System” dedicated to the M&A to a vast network of professionals

The IVPAR system™ is powered with thousands of qualified business contacts through the “Partners” and “Ambassadors” programs, with constant and unique deal flow.

IVPAR System™ centralizes and manages a digital HUB containing investment opportunities with several features:

  • Automatic deal origination

  • Workflow monitoring

  • Contact management

IVPAR can manage all the phases of a transaction for a client on behalf of the Partner including paperwork, issuance of related documentation, match making, negotiation and final closing of each deal.

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